Cremated Remains Transformed Into Hand Painted Portraits

Cremation Art Paintings

Human cremated remains turned into a hand-painted portrait? Can you imagine owning a beautiful piece like this of your beloved? We here at Guo Artistry are revolutionizing funeral homes and memorial services with our “Portraits of the Essence Paintings”. We are proud to have this platform to bring a unique sense of closure to families with a handmade cremation art piece that contains the essence of their loved ones. Each individual piece is handcrafted and painted with care and every inch of the portrait is created with your beloved’s cremated remains.

Entirely composed of her cremated remains

This one of a kind handcrafted/painted oil based portrait holds the essence of the Beloved.

“This painting was so beautifully done and so precise I was left speechless upon recieving it. I will treasure this all my life thank you so much!” ~ Tish Hyman~

This piece was made for Ms. J Robinson.

The best part of this is the reactions we received when the family sees their loved ones again in a beautifully painted portrait and in an eccentric essence. The compliments and words of encouragement are what we do it for, & that’s the beauty in doing something you love.

Father and son painting

When someone you love becomes a memory there memory becomes a treasure. Compliments of Guo Artistry’s portraits Of the Essence to the oldest Son, Joshua Morales. 12×16 hand painted portrait of the beloved Angel Morales painted with every square inch of his cremated remains.

Why Guo Artistry

It’s only normal to have questionable doubts when reviewing options on how you will memorize or pay tribute to a beloved. So that families can be assured guaranteed satisfactory of there keepsakes, Guo Artistry goes the extra mile to ensure trust.

How Guo Artistry Was Born

“It all started on a typical day as a millennial scrolling down Facebook. I happened to come across an artist who caught my eye when I noticed he was ashing cigarette ashes onto a canvas while moving the ashes around with his other hand. As he shifted the camera towards his canvas; to my surprise, he revealed a self-portrait. I was astounded and inspired. I went to work at the funeral home the following day with the thought of that video still in mind. As I poured cremated ashes into an urn, preparing someone’s order that “what if” moment hit me. And on that day my idea was born.

Grief Support

His work in therapeutic art and psychology helps show the reason behind how and why art is such a powerful tool for improving grieving! He taught a variety of therapeutic art processes and exercises helped his clients Improve their self-expression, Uncover and release outdated patterns, Heal past emotional pain, Tune into their intuition, Explore their deepest dreams and desires  His therapeutic art life coaching included powerful ancient art designs for meditation and self-exploration, such as mandalas, as well as modern day artistic approaches for goal setting and manifestation,

Cremation Art Brings Comfort

Using his Therapeutic art education and counseling education he set out to help his clients unlock the power of their subconscious mind, allowing them to release pain, process emotions and find clarity and meaning. Art has been used throughout human history to express the depths of human experience because our minds express through art our feelings on a deeper level than language.

Not Just An Urn

After discussing the wants and expectations of the families, we then will begin to share sketch rough drafts of the dearly departed with the bereaved who can have unlimited edit request until he or she is completely satisfied.

Our Mission

Here at Gou Artistry, our goal is to bring a sense of warmth to clients by allowing them to own a part of their loved ones in a relatively new way, with our unique style of custom cremation art that is guaranteed to bring a sense of comfort, joy and satisfactory to our families at an affordable price.

We hold a one to two-hour memorial services that are based around our portraits/landscape painting made with ashes as a pose to a bodily visual viewing. Or services include prayer and coordination services from a bishop/pastor, interior decorative preparation of chapel may it be flowers, candle lighting etc.

Art is generally regarded as one of the most emotional stimulating creation of mankind, and some may say owning a portrait of a loved one can bring a sense of closure that just wouldn’t be filled owning an urn or photo. Our paintings are something that can be passed down for generations to come. It only takes one once to create and an entire portrait of a 16×12, so you still will have over 90% of your beloved’s remains to do as you please.

Painting With Cremation Ashes

The concept of creating paintings from ashes is relatively new and rarely heard of. How Gou artistry differs from other cooperation is not only based on our unique artistry and our connections with our families, but our unique formulated and paten way we mix our paint & ashes that allow our paintings to come out with a natural-based look and guaranteed longevity. We work closely with each individual to meet with their exact needs and can create a picture out of descriptions alone if necessary. Before ashes and paint are added we create a pre piece of what the painting will look like then continue to add or take away until families are completely satisfied.

Our paintings are also coated with an ephemeral resistant coat that guarantees longevity. Each painting comes with a certificate of authentication along with a documented video of paintings being made (if requested). A 5-year warranty is also issued to families that would cover all kinds of damages to their paintings.

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