Frequently Asked Questions

We cover all of our frequently asked questions.  Including does it take a lot of ashes to make a painting?  Does it have to be a portrait of our beloved?  And so much more..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your cremation paintings take a lot of ashes?
No, in fact a 16 x 20 painting only takes 1 ounce of ashes.
Is it expensive?

Actually, it’s quite affordable with options starting at $500.  We wanted to ensure our service is affordable, we don’t believe that only the rich should be able to take advantage of this service.  We also offer affordable payment plans 

How do we begin?
It’s a very simple process you supply us with a photo of your loved one and we use our extensive formula that took years to master the right mixture to create the best results.  Then we begin creating your work of art.  Obviously, we like to discuss and get to know you and learn about your loved one to help us create the very best cremation art painting possible.
Is it safe shipping ashes?
Yes, we offer a care package that you just put the ashes in the package as per instructions.  Then you can track the package and ensure it arrives safely and then we begin the process.
How do I know you used my loved ones ashes?

Just as you trust the crematorium or funeral home with your loved one, rest assured we take care and assure you that we use your loved one’s ashes.  All of our cremation artists are certified we handle everything professional and take it seriously!

What if you don't use all the ashes?
If by a rare chance all of the ashes aren’t used we are happy to return them to you.  However, with the years of research and discovered the perfect mix which we know that for a 16 x 20 photo it requires only 1 ounce of ashes.
Do I have to send all of the ashes?
No, we will let you know how much you will need to send based on the size of the cremation art painting.  Don’t worry it doesn’t require a lot.
What if it's a pet? Do you offer any services for pets?
Yes, including pet sculptures.

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