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Our passion is helping people through the trials of losing a loved one.  By owning a piece of art made from the ashes of their loved ones helps with the grieving process we have been told it’s like a weight lifted off our shoulders.  Let us lend you a helping hand!

Cremation Art, We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Our paintings are also coated with an ephemeral resistant coat that guarantees longevity. Each painting comes with a certificate of authentication along with a documented video of paintings being made (if requested). A 5-year warranty is also issued to families that would cover all kinds of damages to their paintings.

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Some Of Guo Artistry’s

Cremation Art Paintings

Father & Son Cremation Painting

When someone you love becomes a memory their memory becomes a treasure. Compliments of Guo Artistry’s portraits Of the Essence to the oldest son, Joshua Morales. 12×16 hand-painted cremation portrait of the beloved Angel Morales painted with every square inch of his cremated remains.

Dollar J Robinson Cremation Art Painting

Excited worked hard on this piece for Dollar J Robinson the best part of this is the reactions I get when the family sees their loved ones again in a different essence. The compliments and words of encouragement are what I do it for, & that’s the beauty in doing something you love while working. Another beautiful painting created entirely from cremated remains of a Beloved mother. Few more projects I’m currently working on. I can’t wait for y’all to see them. Ashes to Art Guo Artistry

Hear The Bishops Story

Hear the Bishop’s (representative of the Bronx Republican Party) story. beautifully handcrafted painted portrait of her daughter painted with her cremated remains. Wishing you peace to bring comfort and courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart with love, Guo Artistry. ❤

Face Portrait

(This one is a Portrait of just the face)
Entirely composed of her cremated remains this one of a kind handcrafted/painted oil-based portrait holds the essence of the Beloved. “This painting was so beautifully done and so precise I was left speechless upon receiving it. I will treasure this all my life thank you so much!” ~ Tish Hyman~

Guo Artistry Expert Cremation Artist

Cremation art is becoming more popular each year. As you explore all our options available, you will find one that your family members will be proud to own.  Choosing the right picture (one that represents your loved one) is very important to ensure that your artwork has a lasting impression on everyone who comes across it.

Does your cremation art come with a warranty?

A 5-year warranty is included that covers all kinds of damages.

Do you offer this service in all of the USA?

Yes, we do!  Not only can you order your very own unique one of a kind painting that is created with your loved one’s ashes.  Also, each painting comes with a certificate of authentication along with a documented video of the painting being made (if requested).

Memorial Services

Located in the Bronx borough of New York, we specialize in Memorial services and cremation. We provide a beautiful artistic memorial service based around the beauty and professional, hand-painted portraits made from your beloved cremated remains.

What makes Guo Artistry different?

How Gou artistry differs from other cooperation is not only based on our unique artistry and our connections with our families, but our unique formulated and paten way we mix our paint & ashes that allow our paintings to come out with a natural-based look and guaranteed longevity.

Bring comfort and joy to your family

Here at Gou Artistry, our goal is to bring a sense of warmth to clients by allowing them to own a part of their loved ones in a relatively new way, with our unique style of custom art that is guaranteed to bring a sense of comfort, joy and satisfactory to our families at an affordable price.

Cremation Art, You Can Enjoy For Years To Come

Your family and friends will remember the beautiful art they view at the funeral home or where you are laid to rest. Your memorial sculpture, cremation art painting, or memorial plaque will never be forgotten.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Cremation Paintings

I finally got to meet the great artist Eliot and felt blessed to have held a memorial service there at the funeral home on the second chapel for my wife of 19 years that passed away this past November. I can’t put into words how beautiful the painting of my wife made with her cremated remains was. I’d just like to add, not only was very he kind, easy to talk to and very accommodating, the viewing was very noble and well organized. I couldn’t imagine a better memorial service for my wife.

It was very emotional and the end results left me in tears. It was unbelievably accurate and beautiful you could barely tell the difference. Today my moms 34×40 Portraits hangs on my living room wall so beautifully and I’m glad I went and got it done. I’d honestly and sincerely recommend anyone inquiring about it, with out a doubt! He is an amazing artist and his work speaks for itself.

GuoArtistry’s painting of my husband has been able to catch the essence and beauty of all his features. When I saw it, it resonated a feeling in me that was lost when he left me, thank you for such a beautiful piece.

Our Service Areas

Conveniently located in the Bronx borough of New York.  But offering our cremation art to all of the United States with affordable and reliable shipping options, rest assured your loved one’s ashes are safe with us and only requires a small amount of ashes so you will have plenty left in the urn or for other memorabilia.

Bronx, New York

285 E 149th St, The Bronx, NY 10451

Elliot Kwok

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