Portraits Of The Essence


Imagine, Cremated Remains being converted into Paint that is used to create Astounding detailed Hand Painted Portraits of your dearly departed? Or converted into a substance that can be moulded to create anything from monumental memorial sculpture (similar to the statue’s Of the head, shoulders and upper body) or pet sculptures? This is exactly the services that Guo Artistry is offering in the Funeral/Memorial Service industry. The concept of creating paintings and sculptures from ashes is novel and relatively new, and how it is done is a service that is idiosyncratic in its kind.

 Questionable Doubts

It’s only normal to have questionable doubts when reviewing options on how you will memorize or pay tribute to a beloved. So that families can be assured guaranteed satisfactory of there keepsakes, Guo Artistry goes the extra mile to ensure trust.
After discussing the wants and expectations of the families, we then will begin to share sketch rough drafts of the dearly departed with the bereaved who can have unlimited edit request until he or she is completely satisfied. 

Once everyone is satisfied, the process of creating this uniquely beautiful art memorial keepsake is then put into motion. Guo Artistry even takes things a step further in assuring the authenticity to the families by allowing them to see the process in the making and to put the “icing on the cake” the paintings are received with a lifetime warranty that covers all kinds of damages and guarantee longevity for generations to come, along with a certification of authenticity showing the chemical mathematical compound amount of paint and ashes.

What’s astounding is the mere fact that only one ounce (on average) is required to create these these beautiful breath taking pieces. Guo Artistry’s offers free urns that come with paintings for the remainder. On average the remaining 3.5 liters of ashes will be left over to carry out traditional memorial methods such as spreading of the ashes or releasing them in bio degradable urns, etc. if desired.

Cremation art paintings by Guo Artistry are intended to bring warmth by allowing the family and loved ones of the bereaved to own a part of their loved one in a unique and different form. The hope is that these paintings will bring a sense of comfort, joy, and satisfaction to those affected by a loss. Owning a portrait of a loved one that has a piece of them can, therefore, bring a sense of closure that an urn or a photo may not. Cremation art paintings are therefore endearing relics to loved ones. Relics are usually held in reliquaries and these cremation art paintings come with equally beautiful frames. Guo Artistry offers its clients an array of stylish frames in which their paintings can be put in. Just as it is custom to place beautiful flowers in equally beautiful vases, they believe a beautiful relic of a loved one should be kept in an equally elegant frame.

For centuries, physical remains have been preserved for veneration and are still considered important aspects in some forms of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Shamanism among many other religions.

Providing Love In Hard Times

Keeping of relics of loved ones is therefore not entirely a new phenomenon. Yet these forms of remembrance can in their own ways be a form of art therapy. Having an art painting of a loved one, made with a relic of them more so, can be a great way to bring a sense of closer to hearts around the world that may be in mourning. Life and loss are two sides of the same coin. The significant amount of potential Immortalizing our loved ones has can be immensely helpful towards the grieving process. An urn or other keepsakes can be comforting, in just know your loved one is near. But it’s always a constant reminder that they’ve past way. Owning a beautiful Portrait or Sculpture with the very essence of your beloveds being, however, can be a blissful way to be reminded that they lived.

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